STAND STRONG Ministries exists to equip Christians in America to Stand Strong in their faith!

STAND STRONG MINISTRIES YouTube Channel is a great way for you to watch videos and learn more about faith, country, Christians in politics, and more.


STAND STRONG IN THE WORD Podcast is another great resource that we produce for you to equip you to STAND STRONG!

Did you know that less than 12% of Christians read the Bible every day? Which explains why so many Christians are biblically illiterate. Whether you struggle studying the Bible, or looking for another Bible study, Jason Jimenez, best-selling author and worldview expert, invites you to join him as he teaches through the Bible in a chronological order.


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Jason travels the country speaking to churches, organizations, and millennials everywhere.

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Families are broken. Churches are desperate.

Young people are leaving the faith. And the number continues to grow.

Yet despite the downward spiral, there’s still hope. Hope in a God who loves this generation and is not done with them yet. 

Combining both of their pastoral and apologetic ministries working with children, teens and families, Alex and Jason formed the The STAND STRONG Tour to assist churches in the much needed effort to strengthen the faith of young people and their families.

This biblical worldview experience is designed to help your members stand strong by becoming:

  • e1mboldened in their faith;
  • e2quipped with a biblical worldview;
  • e3ngaged in winning their sphere of influence for Christ.

The STAND STRONG Tour fits your church needs and schedule. Contact Alex & Jason to book STAND STRONG at your church. 2016 dates are limited.

Surefire way to get your church to STAND STRONG!

Truth For a New Generation

TNG is a Friday night (6:00-9:00PM) and Saturday morning and afternoon (8:30AM-3:00PM) worldview conference built around an annual theme that engages Christians (both young and old). TNG offers a unique blend of relevant biblical content from key Christian experts charged to embolden Christians, and equip them to go out and engage the culture for Christ. Past speakers have included: Josh McDowell, James Dobson, Ph.D., Dr. Norman Geisler, Dr. Elmer Towns, Charles Billingsley, Lee Strobel, Ravi Zacharias, Will Graham, the late Dr. Chuck Colson, Eric Metaxas, Dr. Del Tackett, Dr. Stephen Meyer, Dr. Ben Carson, Todd Starnes, Dr. Gary Habermas, Dr. Sean McDowell, David Nasser, Mark Mittelberg, Erick Stakelbeck, David and Jason Benham, and many more.

Truth for a New Generation apologetics events represent a highly recognizable brand, and is perhaps the most well-known apologetics/worldview conference in the U.S. To date there have been over twenty TNG apologetic conferences that have totaled a combined attendance of over 50,000 people.