“The Raging War of Ideas is a must read for any Christian who desires to develop a biblical worldview, safeguard their homes, and jump start a campaign to literally transform their country from the inside out. You will not be the same after reading this book!”

-Dr. Norman Geisler

The Raging War of Ideas is a cultural apologetic book that wakes Christians up to the secular threats and sparks resurgence for families and the Christian Church to be equipped on how to take back our faith, families and country. The book will help inform Christians across the country of the deadly threats posed by cultural relativism, liberalism, the Gay Agenda, and the Islamic Revolution—and what must be done to stop the obliteration of our churches, infiltration of our families, and the takeover of our country.

This small group study is the ultimate resource that will ignite resurgence among Christians who will be sharpened with a biblical worldview and determined to take back their faith, family and country. Each lesson sheds light on many critical issues of the day and emboldens Christians to think correctly and stand boldly for God’s truth wherever they may be. A great study for personal development and for small group use.