If you’re tired of avoiding tough conversations, if you want to be a light in a dark world but you’re not sure how, Challenging Conversations is the book you’ve been waiting for. With straightforward answers to some of the most challenging moral issues disrupting the church, this book will help you build your confidence using three simple steps to becoming a conversant Christian. Each chapter begins with a true story, clarifies misconceptions and misunderstandings about the subject, and equips you to build rapport, ask the right questions, find points of agreement, and take the next fruitful step in the relationship. Because even if we disagree on a moral issue, that shouldn’t make us mortal enemies.

“Our world is filled with the noise of competing voices shouting about topics that make many Christians uncomfortable: sex addiction and pornography, suicide, gender-confusion, divorce, politics . . . the list goes on. Challenging Conversations will equip you to speak clearly and confidently about God’s perspective on these issues in a way that honors him and opens doors.” 

-Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family