I get this question a lot. And my answer is always the same. God wants you to reach the people around you.

Yes. It’s that simple.

You don’t have to hop on a plane and go halfway around the world to make a difference. All you need to do is start reaching the people you are around on a daily basis. This is your “sphere of influence.” But the question is whether or not you are doing any influencing?

Now you might be thinking, yeah, but I’m no leader. I don’t have people begging to follow me. The point isn’t about trying to be a leader. It’s about being an example to others.

Picture your “sphere of influence” like a field. Parts of the field have both good and bad soil (Matt. 13). Now just like farming, a Christian needs to plant, cultivate, and harvest the seed of salvation in people’s lives. A great picture of this was when Jesus encountered the Samaritan woman in John 4:1-43. In this amazing story, Jesus was very intentional in planting His Word, cultivating a desire, and harvesting a changed life from sin to salvation.