Top Twelve Issues the Church Wants to Hear

Now this may come as a shock, but as you read through the survey conducted by the preeminent Christian pollster George Barna, we think the findings will excite you. Barna conducted a survey of moderate to conservative churchgoers and asked what they would like to hear and learn from the pulpit. The results were as follows:

  1. Abortion: beginning of life, right to life, contraception, adoption, and unwed mothers—91%
  2. Religious persecution/liberty: personal duty, governmental duty, church response, global conditions—86%
  3. Poverty: personal duty, government role, church role, homelessness, hunger, dependency—85%
  4. Cultural restoration: appropriate morals, law and order, defensible values and norms, self-government—83%
  5. Sexual identity: same-sex marriage, transgenderism, marriage, LGBT—82%
  6. Israel: its role in the world, Christian responsibility to Israel, US foreign policy toward Israel and its enemies—80%
  7. Christian heritage: the role of Christian faith in American history, the church’s role in US development, modern-day relevance—79%
  8. Role of government: biblical view, church-state relationship, personal responsibility, limitations—76%
  9. Bioethics: cloning, euthanasia, genetic engineering, cryogenics, organ donation, surrogacy—76%
  10. Self-governance: biblical support, personal conduct, impact on freedom, national sovereignty—75%
  11. Church in politics/government: separation of church and state, legal boundaries, church resistance to government—73%
  12. Islam: core beliefs, response to Islamic aggression, threat to US peace and domestic stability—72%

This is great news indeed. Based on these findings, it seems there are still churchgoers who want to be informed and desire to make a difference in the world in which they live. So how do you get your pastor, who is not currently touching on these issues, to start doing his job and to start talking about these issues?

Well, for starters, pray for your leadership and church. Next, you can set up a meeting with your pastor, take this survey with you, and encourage him to teach on several of these issues. Make sure you give him a copy of Stand Strong America as well. And last, be available to teach or invest in a group of instructors who are capable of teaching through the Stand Strong America book at church.