If you are a parent—you need to know this before reading any further: YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN YOUR CHILD’S LIFE.

Despite what you may think or what your child may say—the truth is—you are irreplaceable. There is nothing more valuable than a dad and mom who love and discipline their children. Nothing!

Allow me to demonstrate by sharing two extreme cases.

The first is recalling my time working with juvenile delinquents in Arizona. During my stint of jail ministry, I noticed a common theme among the young men. Most of them grew up without a father. The more I got to know the inmates, the more they would share with me the troubles in their home life. When I pressed this matter further, these “tough” gang members (on the outside) would break—and with tears in their eyes would tell me they wished they had a father who disciplined them.

The second extreme case is when I lost my mother at the age of 15. You don’t realize what you had until it’s gone. My mother was the glue in our family. She kept everything straight and organized. She knew what I was thinking before I would say anything. My mother was the heartbeat of my family. And when she died, it was like the life of the family died with her. But God, in His amazing grace, brought a godly woman into my dad’s life. She became my second mother. And to this day, she has played a vital role in both my personal life and professional ministry career.

These are but a few examples that validate the invaluable contributions of dads and moms. Ponder the words of Solomon, when he wrote, “Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching” (Pro. 1:8).

It is undeniable. Moms and dads are vitally important to the development and spiritual well-being of children. Loving parents are the backbone to helping any society survive and thrive. This is what God has ordained. And if the foundation of the family unit begins to crumble, so will the rest of the world. Therefore, if children are going to have any hope in making it in this world, they need their moms and dads.