Gun Control Will Only Cause More Violence

Charlotte, NC—Right now, Congressmen and women on both sides of the aisle are deliberately trying to undermine the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Of course, the Progressives make it sound like they are doing the American people a favor. They talk about Sandy Hook, and the latest tragedy in the Pulse bar in Orlando, as though we have a gun problem. I have news for our incompetent Representatives. We don’t have a gun problem. We have a leadership problem.

Most of our Representatives, especially the iconic civil rights leader, Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), come out saying they are defending the people, by attempting to pass gun legislation that will protect the people. After the sit-in, Rep. Lewis said at a press conference, “We must keep the faith, and we must come back here on July 5 more determined than ever before.” No. What you need to do Rep. Lewis, and the rest of Congress is keep to the Constitution. You want to keep Americans safe? You want to fight and defend the rights of all Americans? Then stop trying to pass gun legislation that undermines the Second Amendment. Furthermore, stop politicizing horrific tragedies as a way to protest against those who are freely exercising their right to purchase and carry guns. 

This despicable sit-in by many Democrats the other day had nothing to do with fighting to protect innocent lives. Pelosi said their gun control measures has nothing to do with politics. And for once, Pelosi is right (to a point). The truth is, the motive behind Pelosi and her posse at the Capital is to control our lives by taking away our right to bear arms. Congressional Democrats, along with several Republicans, have no problem impeding our Second Amendment rights. However, legally purchasing and possessing firearms, is a right of the American people—not a right the government bestows on us.

Here’s the bold truth. Laws that don’t protect Americans the right to legally purchase weapons, will only disarm Americans the right to protect themselves. Self-defense is a fundamental right that the government is designed to protect, not take away. In our court houses, government buildings, banks, and, of course, the White House, we have trained men and women protecting the people with guns. But yet, we post signs that say, “Gun Free Zone” outside our schools where children go to be educated. How does that make any sense? How does that keep our children safe? Point of fact. Armed citizens prevent crime, and save lives. Not “Gun Free Zones,” and certainly not more gun control.

So, I submit this question to Sen. Charlie Rangel, a strong advocate of gun legislation: “Why do you support the right to be protected by guns; while, at the same time, fail to support law abiding citizens the right to protect themselves according to their Second Amendment right to bear arms?”

Jason Jimenez

Jason Jimenez is a biblical worldview expert, who speaks on behalf of Christians, and seeks to defend Christianity in the culture at large. Jason’s latest book, “Stand Strong America: Courage, Freedom, and Hope for Tomorrow,” coauthored with Alex McFarland, offers a vision of hope in the midst of great uncertainty and fear in America.