Simple Church: A congregation designed around a straight-forward and strategic process that moves people through the stages of spiritual growth.


Evaluation – Going from Complexity to Clarity

  1. In what ways do you see the Holy Spirit working in your church?
  2. What are five key strengths of your church?
  3. What are the three main priorities the leadership of the church are working towards?

Assessment – Moving People through a Process  

  1. Is there unity among the leadership?
  2. Does the church stand alone on the Word of God?
  3. Is discipleship a priority in the church? How so?
  4. What kind of outreach or community service does the church have as a part of their mission?
  5. How healthy is the church staff?
  6. Are the leadership positions well-defined? And are they being utilized throughout the life of the church?
  7. What are you moving your people towards? What’s the biblical process?
    • How do you help people form relationships so that they are attached to the church?
    • How do you get people to connect beyond the worship service?
    • What do you do with people in small groups?
    • How can we make the community deeper in our groups?

Plan of Action – Aligning the Leadership to Focus on a Plan

  1. Look to refresh and challenge the leadership and staff
  2. Build up the relations with each other
  3. Develop small groups designed to strengthen the faith
  4. Focus on vision and mission of the church in the next five years
  5. Establish an effective biblical worldview mission to families and communities
  6. Excel in ministry performance and staff relations.

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