Black Lives???

Many good and sensible people were quick to post on Facebook, letting the world know how they felt about a “white” cop shooting a black man in his car. Turning it into a white-on-black crime. Come to find out, however, the officer wasn’t actually white. He was Hispanic.

Rather than wait for a thorough investigation, and report the facts—many black people, fueled by the hate group Black Lives Matter (BLM), were quick to pass judgment—feeding the BLM movement to invoke rioting in the streets.

But then when a black sniper, Micah X. Johnson, 25, who subscribes to the Black Panther Party, shot fourteen people (killing four brave police officers), not a word about that. Matter of fact, the BLM movement came out even stronger, inciting even more hate-filled speech:

“Kill Whites and Cops”

“It’s Open Season On Whites”

“Pigs in a Blanket, Fry’em Like Bacon”

So how do statements like these lead to peace? If anything, the BLM movement is nothing more than a racially charged hate group, that is purposefully launching attacks on the American people. Truth is, the BLM movement isn’t looking for peace. They are looking to spark chaos in the streets. The BLM movement doesn’t seem to even want the black community to get along with white folks. It seems almost too clear—is that they want to start a war on whites, and anyone who opposes them. This sounds more like a terrorist organization, than a group standing for the equality of mankind.

Think about it. What did we get from the BLM movement after the Dallas shootings? They came out celebrating and dancing in the streets. They came out taunting police officers, and injuring innocent bystanders—which resulted in many arrests. And that’s not all. Just a few days ago, police officers arrived at a home of a black man in Chicago, Rasheed Thompson, and found nineteen white female bodies with “Black Lives Matter” carved into the foreheads.

But do you hear anything from the BLM movement on that? Not only are people inciting riots—in the name of Black Lives Matter—but there’s a growing demonic darkness that is also inflicting harm on the lives of innocent people.

This has got to stop.

To fight against such hate, we, as good hearted Americans, must stop with the “color zones,” “race groups,” and “what lives matter most” nonsense. Racist groups like to color their issue. But we need to color people with the love of God.

We can’t feed into such lies. Otherwise, we bring justification to their evil cause. And we must not buy into the false narrative the mainstream media is portraying about the BLM movement. Mainstream media is driven by tainted untruths that have elevated the BLM movement in the public eye.

This infatuation for the BLM movement will not restore peace in our streets. It will only create more division, warfare—and in the end, more casualties in the streets.

The police chief of Dallas, David Brown, was right when he stated, “This divisiveness between our police and citizens needs to stop.”

But will it? Will the BLM movement seek to for peace, and not violence?

I sure do hope so.