It’s no secret that millions of millennials and teens have abandoned the faith. These are sad statistics, but even more troubling is the amount of guilt and regret their parents carry.

  • Wondering if they did enough 
  • Wishing they could undo many mistakes
  • Doubting if their son or daughter will ever turn back to God

The Abandoned Faith seminar will walk you through the struggles parents of millennials are facing, and how to overcome them, and gain insight on how to engage your teen or millennial.

  • Your biblical worldview will be sharpened
  • Parents will receive a battle-ready plan that will help them bring effective change to their family
  • Relationships with parents and adult children will be strengthened and restored

The Abandoned Faith seminar will help parents and grandparents step up and step out to be the spiritual role model their teen and adult children need them to be.

Parents will be empowered as they engage their teens and millennials in the love and truth of Christ!

Seminar is adaptable for three or five sessions (depending on timeframe), and runs for 3 to 4 hours.  The seminar can fit a mid-week, weekend, or Sunday morning format.

Abandoned Faith book only

“Every parent needs to go through the Abandoned Faith seminar!”

-Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family

“If you are a parent of millennials or work with millennials in any capacity, this seminar will be tremendously valuable to you.”

-Sean McDowell, PhD; Author, Speaker and professor of apologetics at Biola University

“Abandoned Faith seminar will help you understand what is at stake and WHAT you can do about it with your teen or millennial child.”

-J. Warner Wallace, 
Author of Cold-Case Christianity